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  Welcome to Tokyo Shimokitazawa Hills        100%下北沢           Vol. 2 No. #6

Welcome to Tokyo
Shimokitazawa Hills
Vol. 2 No. #6

100% 下北沢 Volume #2  No.#6

Welcome to Tokyo

24 pages, color & black and white, B4 custom size

cover stars: Welcome to Tokyo (color); King of System (color)

features:  USA America pt.1, A Trip to the Metropolitan Nightclub, Beverly Hills byパンダさん (Panda san) aka Krys Villaster, Fashion Victims in Harajuku: Super Powerful Dasai

interview: Montana King Ramsey (Japanese)

comics by Ian McMurray (English)

fiction by #@#@# (English)

columns: うんこに咲く花 by Okkun (Japanese);  Interview with a Maniac by Brett Gillen (English)

illustration: Casey Chang

music: ザ・チョコレーツ (The Chocolates), Group A, Electric Eel Shock, Have a Nice Day!

reviews (English): Dream Diva Antiques, とん水とんかつ (Tonsui Tonkatsu), Flash Disc Ranch Records, Ripery’s Sugar

also featured: Conflicting Advice, Gaijin Help 5¥, Shimokita FAQs, Shimokita’s one-and -only updated 2015 English map



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