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Schools a Bummer Shimokitazawa Hills 100%下北沢 Vol. 2 No. #7

Schools a Bummer
Shimokitazawa Hills
Vol. 2 No. #7

100% 下北沢 Volume #2  No.#7

Schools a Bummer

24 pages, color & black and white, B4 custom size

cover stars: War Is Over (front, color); The Perv (back, color illustration)

features:  Understanding NATURE DANGER GANG, Fashion Victims in Shibuya: Super Powerful Dasai

interview: NATURE DANGER GANG (English & Japanese)

comics by Ian McMurray (English)

fiction by #@#@# (English)

columns: うんこに咲く花 by Okkun (Japanese)

illustration: Mr. Bon, Casey Chang, Sazanami Sama

music: ネイチャーデンジャーギャング (NATURE DANGER GANG), Have a Nice Day!, Fat Fox Fanclub, LEF!!! CREW!!!

also featured: Shimokitazawa Sleep Forecast, Photos by Antoine David, El Toro & RonJon, Gaijin Help 5¥, Shimokita’s one-and -only updated 2015 English map


Book & Beer (B&B), Japanese bookstore, art, literature, mags, beer!

Le petit L’ouest, traditional Japanese convenience & liquor store

古書ビビビ, cool used bookstore, art, film, subculture

ビードロ, hair salon in an old Japanese house

Dream Diva, best antiques & junk, instruments

Petit Debut, French bistro & bar

Mother, weird bar








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